Operating rules of the premises

By entering the premises you consent to the taking of photographic and audiovisual recordings.

Operation of the premises

Opening hours of the festival area:

Thursday 13:00 – 6:00
Friday 11:00 – 6:00
Saturday 11:00 – 6:00

Opening hours of the tent town:

The tent town will open for visitors on Thursday at 8 a.m. and close on Sunday at 12 p.m.

In case you are witnessing aggressive behavior, dangerous situation, vandalism or other undesirable manifestations, please contact the festival organizer or security staff immediately.

Important contacts

Firefighters 150
Ambulance 155
Police 158
The Municipal Police +420 569 496 694, +420 777 567 025
Emergency number 112
Světlá nad Sázavou Tourist Information Center +420 569 496 676, +420 775 653 884

Dogs and other animals

For safety reasons is admission of dogs and other animals prohibited.

First aid

A first aid tent with medical staff is available at the festival. The medical service operates from the opening to the closing of the festival area.

Wheelchair access

The entire festival area is wheelchair accessible.There are several special toilets reserved for wheelchair users.


Children up to 10 years, accompanied by parents, are free of charge. Obligation to prove the age of the child (child in an identity card, passport, etc.). Parents have full responsibility for the children in the area!

Tent town

Tent town is located directly next to the area and is charged. The price includes advance booking fee, lighting and campsite security. Capacity is sufficient, but of course limited. It is forbidden to start a fire in a tent town, use hot-cookers, manipulate with explosives, including any fireworks. Please dispose of all rubbish in the waste bins located in the tent town. It is forbidden to drive into the tent town with motor vehicles. The organizer is not responsible for items left in the tent town. For this reason, we recommend not to leave valuable things in your tents when you are away.

It is not possible to reserve a selected tent place.

Opening hours: from Thursday 8:00 a.m. to Sunday 12:00 p.m.


VIP Tent town

VIP tent town will offer you extra: charge boxes, own toilets and showers, straight grassy meadow near the river, parking next to the tent (according to the price list), own wifi zone and in addition you get a bonus cosmetic package


Car park

Paid parking is available near the festival area.

Parking info

Wi-Fi internet

The entire festival area is covered with WI-FI signal and is free for all visitors.

Identification tapes

Each festival visitor will receive an identification bracelet, which is attached to his / her wrist. This bracelet entitles you to enter the premises with the possibility to leave and return at any time. The identification bracelet is non-transferable and in the event of damage completely invalid without compensation. Every visitor is obliged to present his / her bracelet to the security service upon entering the premises and during random checks. In case of invalid bracelet or impossibility to prove, the visitor will not be admitted to the premises or will be taken out without compensation.


In the festival area there are mobile toilets and washrooms available throughout the area including the tent town. There are also exclusive toilets - FIVE STAR *****.

Photo and video

Only professional photographers with a valid Sázavafest photographic passport for the current year are allowed to take photographs with a professional camera at the festival.

Accompanying program

Concerts of important bands are a matter of course, you can also look forward to readings, dance performances and other interesting performances and attractions. Part of the festival is FAMILY FUN ZONE, designed not only for children visitors.


For safety reasons it is not allowed to bring into the premises: own refreshments, own drinks, glass containers, bottles, cans, combustibles, weapons, drugs and narcotic substances, pyrotechnic articles, open fire, umbrellas incl. folding, laser pointers, tape recorders, film cameras, camcorders, professional cameras. It is strictly forbidden to make audio, film and photo recordings, even for own use. It is forbidden to make open fire, camping and swimming in the festival area. All vehicles, including motorcycles and bicycles, are not allowed to enter the premises without permission.

ATTENTION: Damage to local fauna and flora is punishable according to applicable laws.

Security service

The security service serves to protect visitors and guard the premises. Security personnel are uniformly dressed and marked SECURITY. For the smooth running of the festival, it is necessary to follow the instructions of the organizers and the security services within their competencies. The Police of the Czech Republic will take care of security outside the premises.

Festival cups

The festival will sell festival deposit cups. The buyout stand will be open till one hour after the end of the last band and the buyout will continue at the Dance House bar until 5 a.m. A maximum of 5 cups per person will be redeemed .


The easiest accommodation is offered by the tent city or VIP tent town of the festival - see tent town above.

Things to carry

You should not forget to take to the festival with you: insurance card, ID card, valid ticket, money or your credit card, toiletries (soap, toilet paper, towel), necessary medicines, a headgear, a sunscreen, sunglasses, a swimsuit, a raincoat , enough clothes in case of bad weather and in case of overnight accommodation a tent, mat and a sleeping bag.


Protect your health. Be considerate of each other, cooperate with health professionals, organizers and the security service. Do not impawn with substances that are harmful to health, are prohibited and composition of which is unknown. Protect yourself from sunlight, protect yourself from excessive noise. In case of injury or suspicion of health problems (even unknown) contact health care professionals. We wish you a pleasant stay and a safe return.

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